Neutral Details

After a week of rain here in California I am so happy to see some sunshine!  As a plus I am finally over this cold that seems to be going around and anxious to explore the new neighborhood we live in.  I haven't really felt like the "new girl" yet since we have

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Winter Dresses Under $50

Happy Sunday evening!  Hope everyone survived the first week back to work after the holidays- getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is never an easy one.  I had a work meeting to start the year off in LA this past week- which truth be told, I was dreading (since I had so much to do at home), but in true LA fashion, ended up having an amazing time.  I should have known- who ever has a bad time in LA- especially during winter where it was almost in the 70’s. read more

Happy New Year!

Currently in my favorite pair of silk pajamas writing this from the kitchen bar of our new home.  As I sit here writing out my first post of the new year I feel a ton of emotions- content, proud, happy, anxious.  This year has been such a big one for us in so many ways and we have reached goals I didn't think we would for some time.  These past few weeks have

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Holiday Edit

Happy Friday (and the last weekend before Christmas)!  It's been a full week since my last post and our move into our new house.  What a week this has been.  I think anyone who has checked in on me to see how the move is going I just responded with "still swimming in boxes"- literally.   You guys know how it is.  Moving is the worst...but, with all that said, we are SO beyond happy in our new house.  It feels like home here already.  I am obsessing with all things interior right now and am trying to hold back from immediately buying everything we need at once.  One of my

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We bought our first home!

Writing this post during our last full day in our San Francisco apartment (*pictured).  Yup, you heard right.  Kevin and I are moving out of our 900 square feet, crown molding and French-door filled, view of the Golden Gate Bridge, rent-controlled apartment because we are officially homeowners (which is about the only thing that could have gotten us to leave)!!  It is still hard to believe that this actually and finally has happened but we are thrilled to move in and start our newest chapter of seriously adulting. read more