33 Lessons Learned by 33

Today marks my 33rd birthday.  This past year was really a great one for me but it didn’t go without a lot of changes.  I normally don’t do dedicated posts for birthdays, but I felt inspired to make a list this year of all of the things that have been on my mind lately. read more

Muir Beach with Meghan Mehan

About two months ago I was introduced on instagram to Meghan Mehan (thank you to our mutual friend, Meg).  She was looking for a couple to shoot in the Bay Area and after one look at her insanely beautiful film photography, I was sold.  I thought, “I’ll send her a message and see” and sent her a little snippet about Kevin and I. read more

Femme Fair

You may remember a few weeks ago (especially if you follow along on instagram) that I was a part the second annual Femme Fair.  After attending the first ever Femme Fair this past year in 2017, I was honored and so excited when the team reached out and asked me to participate for this year’s event.  I was able to spend the day hosting my very own Chic Happens “booth” and meet some of you (along with lots of new friends) all while selling some of the pieces you’ve seen here on the blog.  I had so much fun! read more

Neutral Details

After a week of rain here in California I am so happy to see some sunshine!  As a plus I am finally over this cold that seems to be going around and anxious to explore the new neighborhood we live in.  I haven't really felt like the "new girl" yet since we have

Winter Dresses Under $50

Happy Sunday evening!  Hope everyone survived the first week back to work after the holidays- getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is never an easy one.  I had a work meeting to start the year off in LA this past week- which truth be told, I was dreading (since I had so much to do at home), but in true LA fashion, ended up having an amazing time.  I should have known- who ever has a bad time in LA- especially during winter where it was almost in the 70’s. read more