Dinner in Amalfi

Kevin and I had a budget set before we left to Italy.  But once we got there (and got engaged!), we blew through it, especially on food.  Each city has an entirely different cuisine and style of cooking and we wanted to make sure we ate and experienced it all.  There is something about eating a meal authentic to the region that makes you feel more connected to it.  Obviously, when we got to the Amalfi coast it was no different.  I really do try not to take food pictures in restaurants, and promised Kevin that I only would if the meal was really, really good.  This meal was no exception so feast your eyes on the most delicious meal we ate in the Amalfi Coast!




Taking in the coast while waiting for our driver to pick us up!  I loved this top from Asos.  Not only was it perfect for a hot Italian night, but it was also the perfect top to wear when you know you are about to eat loads of pasta.  You’re welcome.  If you like it, it’s still available (here) at Asos.com.

We got a tip from a local that Da Costantino was the place to go for an authentic Italian meal away from the crowds and we are so glad we went.  Da Costantino is tucked away in the mountainside and like everywhere else here, has an amazing view.  It is one of the oldest standing restaurants in the area and is owned and run by the sweetest Italian man, Luigi.  Each night the menu changes based on what is locally fresh and made that day so we knew were in for a treat!



After almost two weeks in Italy we decided we needed to start splitting dishes.  We started with a plate of Luigi’s homemade ragu, better known in Italy as ragù alla bolognese.  The homemade noodles topped with the thick tomato and meat sauce was perfection and so delicious.



Up next was the fresh catch of the day which was prepared table side!  Oh so good…



We ended with a slice of the famous Amalfi ricotta cake and heavenly Delizia al Limone, lemon cake.



Kevin with the owner of Da Costantino, Luigi!  He saw we were enjoying ourselves so much he brought by a few glasses of grappa.  Saluti! xx


  • Priya

    These photos are amazing – camera is awesome and you two have skills! and I’m loving all of your outfits!!❤️

    • Gomada

      You’re the best. So glad you were able to check it out! Thank you for letting me know! xx