Welcome!  I’m so excited to have this new space to share with all of you!  This site acts as a creative outlet to share some of my journey’s and things that inspire me.

I grew up in Washington, D.C. but have lived in San Francisco for the past 8 years where most of my family now resides.  Although I dearly miss my friends on the East Coast, California is where my heart belongs.

A good bottle of wine with friends, scary movies, and people who aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves are a few of the things I enjoy.  I also have a tiny addiction to Excel spreadsheet to which I organize more than you would like to know (chic happens somewhere!).  And of course I can’t forget to mention my husband (still getting used to saying that!) and co-photographer, Kevin and our curious little pug mix, Marley.

I hope you are able to find some joy or inspiration from my adventures here on CH.  Thank you for joining!

xx Gomada