We bought our first home!

Writing this post during our last full day in our San Francisco apartment (*pictured).  Yup, you heard right.  Kevin and I are moving out of our 900 square feet, crown molding and French-door filled, view of the Golden Gate Bridge, rent-controlled apartment because we are officially homeowners (which is about the only thing that could have gotten us to leave)!!  It is still hard to believe that this actually and finally has happened but we are thrilled to move in and start our newest chapter of seriously adulting.

Unless you know us personally, you probably weren’t aware that Kevin and I have been looking for homes for the past year- aggressively.  We spent just about every free weekend day we had with agents in different areas in and outside of San Francisco, narrowing down specific neighborhoods and getting a feel for what kind of home our budget could afford.  Which here in the Bay Area is a huge deal since homes are so ridiculously expensive…we got a really good sense early on of what we wanted and what it would take to save to get there.  Once we narrowed down what neighborhood and area we wanted (just East of San Francisco), we worked with our agent for months watching homes go on and off the market and waiting for the perfect home that we both loved and fit our budget.

Fast forward to this past month, Kevin and I saw a home listed that we had seen a few weeks prior.  We were in total shock to see it on the market still since homes here go lightning fast.  We had gone to the open house and fell in love with it immediately.  It was perfect, checked all of the boxes, but we left knowing it was more than we were willing or able to spend since the agent said it would without a doubt go into a bidding war.  We both kept comparing other homes to this house and would even refer to it as “our dream house” that we would work up to get.  So when we saw it on the market almost a month later, we were scratching our heads and called our agent to get the scoop.  No offers.  They listed it in the middle of fall when the market had sizzled and it sat too long and was over-looked.  Bingo!  Our agent still thought it was out of reach but suggested we throw in an offer as “a practice run” so we could have all of our paperwork in line for when we found our “real house”.

Well, wouldn’t you know- they accepted our offer!  Funny how things happen like that when you least expect.

So a quick 20 day close (which I never recommend, but that will be left to another post), many emotions, a HUGE learning curve and lots of questions later, it’s ours.  And we are moving into our dream home tomorrow!

We had been looking for so long, it really is so crazy how quickly things happened.  We are feeling a mix of excitement moving into our first home with a little bit of sadness leaving our neighborhood and SF apartment.  This apartment has hosted so many precious memories for us, it really was our little good luck charm.  Almost everyone we are close to has either been or slept over here- it’s filled with so many memories and lots of love.

We will always cherish this place but are so ready for our next adventure.  I’m sure I’ll have lots more to tell as we get settled and delve into the world of decorating and furnishing a home.  Be sure to stay tuned.  Until then, see you later San Francisco, we won’t be too far xx


Lots of love,




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