CH Wedding: Bridal Party Boxes

Being asked to be a bridesmaid in the past has always been such an honor, but as we all know, depending on your role being a bridesmaid comes with responsibilities and often a pretty hefty price tag.  With that being said, I knew when I asked my girls to be a part of our wedding I wanted to go the extra mile so they knew from the start how much I love and appreciate them.  I think a fun gift for your bridal party can really set the tone of what’s to come and get everyone excited to be a part of this special time in your life.

Like most brides, I started scouring other bridal blogs and Pinterest to gather ideas on how to ask but everything I came across seemed really generic.  Luckily, right around that time our wedding planner sent us a Christmas gift in an adorable box stuffed to the brim with colored shredded paper.  Bingo!  I had a means of how I wanted to send the gifts, now I just needed to decide what went inside.

I decided to pick things that were meaningful and that I would be excited to receive myself.  No matter what you send, if you take time and give something from the heart it will go such a long way with your bridal party.  If you are out there looking for ideas like I was, hopefully this brings some inspo!

Below are step by step directions on how I put my boxes together (and what was inside them)!  xx


Step 1:  Gather your tools

  •                Boxes: I could only find this particular size from Staples ( size 11 1/8″ x 8 3/4″ x 2 5/16″)
  •                Pens:  I used these thin Sharpie markers
  •                Scissors
  •                Clear shipping tape
  •                Manila shipping tags (you can find these anywhere, but click here for an example)
  •                Shredded paper:  I found these at Paper Source




Step 2:  Assemble your boxes




Step 3:  Stuff your boxes with the shredded paper





Step 4:  Place your gifts inside on top of the shredded paper







Step 5:  Pack it all up and seal the boxes with the shipping tape (don’t worry, if you have stuffed the boxes enough the gifts will stay in place).  Ship them out and get ready for some exciting phone calls!