CH Photography

If you have been following me on Instagram than you probably saw my latest post discussing my experience shooting with my husband, Kevin.  Probably the most common question I get asked is “who do you get to take your photos”.  I am more than happy to announce that for the past few months I have been shooting with my husband and it has been such an incredible experience.  I continue to receive messages from friends and followers that they have noticed a change on the blog and that my photos seem more real and engaging.  I love that.

While I am of course still open to working with other photographers (there are so many amazingly talented photographers in San Francisco) it has been such a nice change to work with my husband, who I am the most comfortable in front of.  We have been able to work more photography into our normal life routine.  Being newlyweds in San Francisco, we are always out exploring so it’s been a fun way to incorporate Chic Happens into our day-to-day without setting aside as much scheduled “shooting time”.

The world of blogging and social media is one where you can never master- I am always learning something new every day and trying to find ways to improve CH.  In the meantime, Kevin and I have been having so much fun learning together and I can’t wait to see where this all takes us!  xx