Fall Florals in Jackson Square

These past two weeks Kevin and I have had some major life updates that I’m so excited to share with you all soon.  Needless to say we have been busy full-on adulting and are realizing that our priorities are evolving.  I feel so adult even typing “our priorities are evolving” but they truly are- and in such amazing ways.

One thing about blogging is that it becomes your own diary.  Going through old posts from when I first started Chic Happens- my writing, life, and even my style has totally changed.  All for the better at least (thank goodness) but still fun and sometimes admittedly totally cringe worthy to look back on.  But cringe worthy is okay because it means you were truly being yourself and that is always a good thing 😉

Chic Happens has always been really fashion and travel focused and lately I find myself wanting to incorporate more lifestyle in as well- so stay tuned.  Always evolving- and I am so excited to have all of you to share this with.

Until next time, check out one of my favorite shoots in Jackson Square in this seriously adorable little fall top.  Everything is linked below.  By the way, if  you ever are looking to just shop my recent outfits be sure to check out the tab above called “shop my instagram” and it has all of the direct links to everything I’ve posted here and on instagram xx

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