Jackson Square

This past weekend Kevin and I had the opportunity to catch up and shoot with our wedding photographer and friend, Jasmine Lee.  We kind of fell in love with our wedding team (I hate to call them ‘vendors’) and have become friends with almost all of them.  Jasmine shot our engagement photos as well as our wedding and let me tell you she is nothing short of amazing and has become a dear friend to the both of us (you can click here to check out our engagement shoot and here to see our wedding on Style Me Pretty)

As you know, I have been shooting with my husband and we were looking for some expert advice on how to get better quality pictures during the daytime.  Blogging is a constant growth curve, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with it.  There is always something new to learn and improve on… so while I work on building Chic Happens, Kevin has been working to advance his photography skills.

Jasmine (who shot the cover photo), stood next to Kevin while he photographed me and offered tips on lighting as well as advice for me on how to pose during a shoot as well as editing the photos after.

I previously had been editing most of my photos with a set of VSCO for Lightroom filters- which Jasmine did not recommend for this particular shoot, and challenged me to only edit with the settings in Lightroom- which I did.  It took a lot more time to go through each photo (versus putting a blanket filter and going from there) but I am loving the results.  Stay tuned to see our next few shoots and how we incorporate what we learned.  If you have any advice or questions I would love to hear them!

All outfit details linked below xx