Muir Beach with Meghan Mehan

About two months ago I was introduced on instagram to Meghan Mehan (thank you to our mutual friend, Meg).  She was looking for a couple to shoot in the Bay Area and after one look at her insanely beautiful film photography, I was sold.  I thought, “I’ll send her a message and see” and sent her a little snippet about Kevin and I.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m sitting in a hair and makeup chair and meeting Meghan and for the first time.  First off, her friend whom she set me up with for hair and makeup (and brows!), Marisa Perel, is beyond talented and so incredibly sweet.  The second I sat down at her studio in Cow Hollow I immediately felt at ease and left feeling like a million bucks.  If only life could always be like this- roll in, get hair and makeup done then head to a beautiful California Beach for a photoshoot- pinch me…

After we finished hair and makeup we set for the 30 minute drive from San Francisco to Muir Beach to meet with Kevin.  Muir Beach, if you haven’t been, is a quiet little cove along California’s coast just a few miles west of Muir Woods.   We got there a little before sunset and lucked out with weather- just a tad bit foggy but not overly cold.  We took a moment to warm up and discuss the shoot then walked over to the beach and started shooting.

If you have never had the experience of meeting a photographer on the spot for a shoot before, it can be a little nerve racking.  Expectations, feeling comfortable, understanding what they are looking for-the list goes on.  From the first minute we began shooting to the last, both Kevin and I felt completely relaxed shooting with Meghan.  She has a way about her that just feels easy and somehow makes you feel like nobody watching (and trust me, there always is!).

We mostly shot in this little lagoon until the sun set and let me tell you, we had SO much fun.  Kevin, being himself, joked the entire time and had both Meghan and I rolling.  It was just like spending a few hours with friends on the beach.

Jump to about 3 week later, processing film takes more time than digital, we received our finished shots and couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.  What a special memory for us to have, almost two years post wedding and being able to document our journey in such a special way.  We can’t thank you enough Meghan!

Hard to choose but here are a few of our favorites from our shoot (credits and details below):


Special thanks to:

Photography and Editing Meghan Mehan

Hair and MakeupMarisa Perel

Location:  Muir Beach, CA