We bought our first home!

Writing this post during our last full day in our San Francisco apartment (*pictured).  Yup, you heard right.  Kevin and I are moving out of our 900 square feet, crown molding and French-door filled, view of the Golden Gate Bridge, rent-controlled apartment because we are officially homeowners (which is about the only thing that could have gotten us to leave)!!  It is still hard to believe that this actually and finally has happened but we are thrilled to move in and start our newest chapter of seriously adulting. read more

Casual Look for the Holidays

Split Side Top

As you've probably noticed, I love nothing more than throwing on a pair of jeans and a cute top.  It's totally become by go-to look since moving to San Francisco 8 plus years ago.  One thing about living here is you commit to leaving your dresses and skirts in the closet 90% of the time because of the weather (one of the only downsides to living here), which was a

Fall Florals in Jackson Square

Transitional Pieces

Now that we are back from Mexico (...Cabo blog post coming your way soon!) we are finally settled back into our normal routines.  Isn't it funny how you go on vacation to "get away" from it all and end up missing home when you aren't there.  It was really amazing to relax and re-charge for a week though- sun and beach time always seem to work some much needed