Paradise Found: Nocelle, Italy

We ended our Italian holiday on the Amalfi Coast.  Our train ride from Rome was an adventure in itself and if we had planned it differently we could have taken a few tourist stops on the way.  However, this being the last leg of our trip, we were ready to just have a few drinks and relax on the beach.   The train takes you through Naples, Pompeii- with views of Mt.Vesuvius, and finally arriving at the beautiful Amalfi Coast.  We took a ride up to Nocelle on our first night to catch the sunset.  Nocelle is a quiet little village nestled up in the mountainside and it overlooks the entire coastline.  It certainly has the most spectacular views and didn’t disappoint!  We took in the sunset and headed off to dinner down the cliffside in Positano.  Don’t you just wish vacation life was real?





I loved this Zara printed top.  It was so light and easy to wear during the trip.  Check out the link below, it’s still available!  Side note: I totally wore it backwards on purpose because I felt it fit me better.  Chic happens sometimes!




Outfit details:  Zara suede shorts (click here),  Zara printed top (here), and the most comfortable and versatile sandal ever by Madewell (the Warren Sandal) on sale now!