Rainy Day in West Portal

We spent a rainy Saturday this weekend checking out the city’s West Portal neighborhood.  It’s a low-key neighborhood with blocks and blocks of adorable shops and restaurants.  West Portal Avenue, where we spent most of our time, has a small town vibe which is so refreshing in a city that’s always hustling and bustling.  It’s filled with trendy shops, like Lemonade (if you’re into coconut, the coconut lime lemonade is a must), and lots of old timey theaters and bookstores.  We had so much fun walking around and checking everything out- be sure to scroll down and check out some of our top picks if you pay a visit!




These rain booties from San Edelman were a gift from Kevin and I absolutely LOVE them!  On a day like this, they’re so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and still look stylish.  They come in a few colors and all are equally as cute!


Top Places 7 to see in West Portal (clink for links)

1. Lemonade

2. Toast

3. El Toreador

4. Fresca

5. Goat Hill Pizza

6. Manor Coffee Shop

7. CineArts at the Empire


Location:  West Portal Avenue, San Francisco

Photo Cred:  @the415guy