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What to do on a rainy day in SF

While I love nothing more than a cozy, rainy day inside sometimes you just need to get out.  Kevin and I have gotten creative with all of this rain, and started exploring more of San Francisco’s indoor scenes (besides the obvious of going out to eat).  Here are our Top 5 favorite rainy day activities if you find yourself in San Francisco on a less than perfect day: read more

Winter Wonderland

It’s been a cozy weekend staying in and watching the rain cover San Francisco!   It brought me back to our trip to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago and I’m already itching to go back and get another day of skiing in.  There’s so much to explore around the lake and I always look forward to our trips there- it’s such a treat to unplug for a few days and take in the fresh air.  We spent our first day walking around the snow covered resort at the Cedar House Sport checking out all that the property has to offer.  The resort is so beautiful and we loved how they focused on utilizing natural resources.  You can check out my earlier review of our visit here! read more