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Peplum with Bows

There is something about a peplum top that is just so feminine.  A peplum cut is ridiculously flattering (seriously, they shape you like a corset without the uncomfortable factor) and are so easy to wear with pants or a skirt.  I fell in love with this blue and white striped peplum top as soon as I saw the back- slightly open and laced with big white bows.  It's adorable and such a great top for spring/summer (clearly I have been obsessed with blue and white striped tops this season as seen here and here) and paired perfectly with some white distressed jeans and a blush bag.

What to do on a rainy day in SF

While I love nothing more than a cozy, rainy day inside sometimes you just need to get out.  Kevin and I have gotten creative with all of this rain, and started exploring more of San Francisco’s indoor scenes (besides the obvious of going out to eat).  Here are our Top 5 favorite rainy day activities if you find yourself in San Francisco on a less than perfect day: read more