Valentine’s inspired Jumpsuit

If I had the choice between a dress or a jumpsuit, I would easily pick the jumpsuit every time (borderline obsessed).  Another obsession is pretty much everything that Trina Turk creates.  I first discovered her bright, California inspired clothing at her store front in Burlingame, CA and have had a love affair ever since.  All of her pieces are beautifully tailored and the attention to detail and color make every piece feel like one of a kind.  This jumpsuit is no exception.  The great thing about jumpsuits is how comfortable they are (and warm on those chilly city nights)!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I felt that this outfit could be a killer option for a night out. Kevin and I typically go to dinner the night before big holidays to avoid crowds or cook dinner in… buttt, being our first married Valentine’s day, we wanted to do something special and go out.  Italian food has a soft place in our hearts since we became engaged in Italy, so we thought what better way to celebrate than at a Roman inspired restaurant in the city.  We had some friends recommend one so we’ll be checking out a new place this year to celebrate.  I would love to hear what all of you love birds are up to!  We love trying new places so feel free to leave any recommendations below xx

Location:  Noe Valley, San Francisco

Photo Cred:  @the415guy